The video for Mobys track after was shot in a nuclear power plant which was stopped before started up, due to an austrian national referendum.

The future is not a childs play. We are all responsible for our descendants and an environment contaminated by nuclear radiation will affect all of us.

Will action now be taken or are we going to leave this responsibility to our children and children's children?

Take time and watch the making of;) vimeo.com/23445417

Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Antonin B. Pevny

Cast: Elsa Guttmann, Hanna Hartl, Lorenz Ruprecht

Concept: Sinisa Vidovic & Antonin Pevny
Lighting Camera: Lukas Kronsteiner

Operators: Patrick Brandstaetter, Alex Papsch,
HD Copter: Rudi Schneeberger

Costume: Kathie Heller
Makeup: Lisi Rameder

VFX: Lukas Schwarzkogler
Match Moving: Bernhard Gumpl

Postpro: Markus Seisenbacher
Making of: Florian Schwarz

Special Thanks to:

Dorothe Hartl, Familie Hartl & Ruprecht - Pamperl, Ursula Guttmann & Enrique Tomas, EVN - Kerstin Enge, Franz Mueller, RED - Sascha Gajdul, Florian Scheimpflug, Bernd Kranebitter, Ingo Kelp, Roland Schreier, Dinko Draganovic, Air Borne Motion Pictures

Footage on screens:
Vladimir Jiranek, Vaclav Bedrich bob a bobek © CS. Televize HR VDM 1978

Moby himself for be the one

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