I´m doing the right thing…

After all, it´s only temporary. Just long enough to pay the bills and that pesky college loan. Besides, it´ll be kinda healthy, you know? To do something normal for a while? It won´t change who I really am.”There is a light and it never goes out…”

Flash forward six months.

Well, okay. Maybe not temporary. Not exactly. But it´s nice with a bit of routine. A little structure. It might even be constructive. After all, the best ideas come to you while you´re busy doing something else, don´t they? Sure they do. Brian Eno said so, himself. Or was it Bono? Anyway, I´m still the same and everyone knows it. “He´s doing some amazing stuff on the side”, they say by the water cooler. “He´ll go places. Just you wait…”.

Flash forward a year.

All right. I admit it. Things have been a little slow lately. But everyone pulls out the plug for a while, when a baby arrives. It´s a matter of basic survival. Besides, priorities change. They do. It´s a question of biology, really. It´s not just about you anymore and that´s a beautiful thing. Maybe you have to let a dream or two go, but you gain so much more. And hey, there´s still time. The forties are the new thirties, and all that. Okay, we´ll probably need a bigger house, now that number two is on the way, so maybe I can´t go back to writing quite so soon as I expected. But there are still weekends. Weekends and evenings. I have all the time in the world.


© Good Boy! Creative 2011
Director: William Stahl.
Screenwriter: Michael Vogt.
Cinematographer: Thomas A.


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