The Battery Fun Kit Project is a service intended to teach children the reasons and methods behind effective waste collection and disposal by engaging them in a fun collection activity focused on batteries.

The service consists of two touch points:

1) The children receive a cardboard construction kit at school where it is used as and educational prop for teaching about Recycling and Waste management.
The kit contains information and instruction to "Building Your Very Own Battery Eating Character". Once the Character is ready, the children will bring it home and begin the battery collection game which shifts the responsibility of collecting and disposing of batteries to the children in the form of a game.

2) The second is a musical collection bin placed in shops and other public locations. The bin contains a number of feedback mechanisms to stimulate and encourage use. Transparent casing allows the children to follow the batteries they deposit through a musical journey into the belly of the collector. On its way, each battery is counted and once all the batteries are deposited a receipt containing deposit statistics and a reward is printed.

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