Trasparente is a music video for piece of classical music. Extra ordinary performer Virpi Räisänen is playing a violin and singing at the same time, so this is something you have to see. That was the reason why Ilmari Mäenpää take a contact to me. We only have 2 days for shootings.

All this location are around of Oulu area where we all come from and where we have grow up to be an artist. Locations and scenes are from our everyday life in northern Finland, exotic yeah! While we where shooting temperature goes from -25°C down to -32°C plus wind effect. (-13°F to -25°F).

Mezzo soprano & Violin - Virpi Räisänen
Composer & Lyrics - Ilmari Mäenpää
Director & Script - Tapani Launonen
Director of Photography - Vesa Taipaleenmäki
Set Designer - Seppo Mäkinen
Costum Designer - Katja Iljana
Make Up - Yanski Sova
Gaffer - Jussi Finnilä
Location Manager - Tiia Törrö
Trainee - Ulla Tapaninen
Editor / Colorist - Jussi Finnilä
Producer - Kimmo Paananen

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