Once, deep in the Ragusan land, Sicialia Italia, a passionate gardener and dedicated classical music fan decided to combine his two passions. It would just be unthinkable that the pomodori wouldn’t love to listen to Bach, Beethoven, Bellini and Vivaldi all day, like he did. He decided to expose his reds little sons and daughters to a variation of the finest classical pieces. What do you think what the result was?

Now Natura Blea treat their pomodori naturally like first class classical music lovers: good food, lot’s of sunshine and a continuous buffet of classic tunes.

Just a few meters away in the restaurant of “relais Marabino” they work their magic on the Pomodori. They transform the pomodori into a dish, so nice that even Apollo would descent from heaven to taste this most exceptional orchestra of tastes.

Caspar Diederik

Special credits:
Francesco Pluchinotta (Towerhead & Foodlover)
Giovanni Giliberto (Kitchen Magician 1)
Mirko Caruso (Kitchen Magician 2)
Salvatore Gennaro (Emperor of Entertainment)
Simona Belluardo (Queen of Hospitality)
Roberto Giadone (King of all Veggies)
Ignazio (Mayor of the Garder)
David de Kock (Storytelling Wizard)
Caspar Diederik (Storytelling Wizzard 2)

Postnote: We're not sure wheter the music indeed is Vivaldi, but it does sound cool doesn't it?

Torre Marabino/La Moresca: torremarabino.com
Natura Iblea naturaiblea.it
Test your plants: bit.ly/imjbgj

More of these place you'll find at enotria.nl

Thanks to the lovely team of Torre Marabino|La Moresca|Natura Iblea.

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