Why are most adults unwilling to play in the mud? As a social experiment (and for fun), this film's aim was to see who would strip down the layers of "appropriate" behavior (and cloths) to come play in the mud. And to receive the legendary diploma in "Big Assery."

Surprisingly, very few folks bothered to chance winning $20 in cash, by throwing a paper airplane into my butt crack. It was no surprise, however, that no more than one person ventured into the giant hinnie-pooh! Still, we were waiting to see if people would dare to be freaky at an event that revolves around just that. In my opinion, when folks cut themselves off from child like play, they really become stuck in the mud! Hence, this performance was designed to provide the audience with a reflection of themselves, and the fears and reservations (or even "limitations") that they might have within themselves.


A five-minute, three-act circus at the Freak Train, where someone enters a giant, muddy, ass. People try to fly paper airplanes into a man's ass-crack, for $20. And Cari, the Dog-Faced Girl, whacks the naked man, when the airplanes manage to go into cardboard boxes near his ass.

Below, is what is written on the degree in Big Assery, BUTT, on the actual diploma, it appears after a more formal and sophisticated fashion:


For completing the supreme scholastic course of big ass academe, and for braving the deepest groves of Big Buttery.

The Board of trustees at The University of BIG ASSERY

Does Hereby Confer on this FAITHFUL FREAK Student the


Conferred at the University of Higher Assery, Denver Colorado, in the month of April, in the year of our Lord, two thousand and eleven.

John Mayer Hartman
Dean of Big Assery

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