Max Hattler (live visuals) + AlbiNOI, Hapax, Objeto Amarelo, This Time (live electronics/music)

Multi-collaborative, one-off, 75-minute live performance at ROJO®Nova Cultura Contemporanea, Casa Franca-Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23 April 2011.

"with respect to all the other shows... this one was THE BEST so far! Incredible HAPAX, Albinoi, Objeto Amarelo and special mention to MAX HATTLER (my vj god for the next decade!)" David Quiles Guillo, curator of ROJO®Nova Cultura Contemporanea

This is a short clip taken from the video documentation by Lolo, Sosaku & Isaac Niemand. Full video here: (also includes wonderful work by Lucy McRae, Mark Jenkins, Craig KRINK Costello and Clemens Behr!)

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