Skiing in northern Norway has its advantages and disadvantages; the advantages outnumber the disadvantages by far. During the high winter the sun doesn’t rise for 3 months, making it completely dark apart from 1-2 hours dusk around noon. When skiing during this period a good headlamp is essential. Full moon is often helpful as well. Or, as happened this night, the full moon can be accompanied by the amazing northern lights, which makes for perfect light conditions. The spectacular view and light show was just a bonus.

This night the temperature was about -10 C. Down by the road there was no wind and powder snow, but once we got a bit higher the wind got stronger and stronger and the powder turned into ice. On the top it was almost too windy to stand.

Good trip.

Technically it is quite difficult to film the northern lights. I used a fast 30mm f/1.4 lens and to get the right exposure I was forced to push the ISO up to 6400. That explains the very much visible noise in the image. But noisy image is better than no image, I guess.

Location: Right outside Tromsø, Norway
Skiers: Lauri, Lars and Samuel

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