Living in Los Angeles, I consider the 4.5 hour trek to this particular park to be considerably short and well worth the time. My last visit to SNP was 5/23/10 under similar snowy conditions. There was actual snow falling during that time, but much had melted away compared to this most recent trip. Just to give an example of the level of snow present, the Congress Trail, located behind the General Sherman Tree was traversable by walking on top of the fence posts that run adjacent to the trail until it nears a small creek; which would indicate approximately 3-4ft of snow in that area.

The video opens in the Wolverton area, through about 1:07. Absent the presence of snowshoes, my adventures in this area were quite limited, so I quickly moved on and lower in altitude. Following this, I stumbled across a location opposite of the General Sherman Parking area. Next, the actual General Sherman and other surrounding trees were shot; runs through about 2:29. Leaving the Sherman, I was driving along and just happened to notice a waterfall out of the corner of my eye; this goes through 3:33. The next area is actually where I had to park in order to walk back to the spot with the waterfall. I could have literally spent the entire day in this one spot. It runs through 4:15. The next shots were done at Moro rock, with the finale taking place at Lake Kaweah on the way back down the 198.

Technical Aspects:

Everything shot on the GH2, primarily the 20mm, but some of the wider shots of the waterfall and from Moro rock were done at 14mm on the 14-140mm. Undoubtedly an overuse of the glidetrack, but as I am still getting used to it under various conditions, I think its use is understandable. Due to the nature of visiting a place like this and wanting to get in as much as possible, I wasn’t always able to shoot multiple takes different settings, and as such, noticed some exposure issues with the fader nd filter. Also, in a few shots you can notice darkened corners, due to what I hope is still my inexperience with the filter. Video was put together using premiere and encoded in h.264 at 1080p. The encode was done as a 2 pass vbr and in order to keep the file size below 500mb, I opted for a 12mbps target bitrate, with a 24mbps upper threshold. There was some coloring done with Mojo, but with blend with original percentage between 30-50% across the collection of clips.

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