Who are the crazy ones? The ones who THINK that more medications will cure their problems or the ones who KNOW the body is a miracle that can take care of itself?

This video is in honor of Dr. James Sigafoose & his family, and is dedicated to the many ChiropracTORs out there who are willing to stand up for the TRUTH, and the LAW of life.

If you are ready and willing to admit that prescription dependence is not healing, and that there is more to life than simply being pain free...if you are ready to have your power "turned on" and "turned up"...and are wanting to take your life experience to the next level...find yourself a SPECIFIC Chiropractor. I would recommend Upper Cervical Chiropractic: uppercervicalcare.com or upcspine.com . If there is not an office near by please contact me at drbulow@gmail.com or facebook.com/drbulow and I will find you one!

For more videos and patient interviews please visit Youtube.com/drbulow
God Bless!
Dr. B

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