The evening breezes are saving us as Austin turns to baking temperatures. Tall shoots of bamboo blow softly in the air behind Jana Hunter as the sun sets on a furious day.

The band is assembled in comfort, relieved after a day of multiple performances… one more to go before their first night without responsibility. We join them in their transition to leisure, only days after they have arrived to the city in spite of multiple car break downs on the road.

Their sound is all monochrome gradients and sweet sadness. Jana, identity thoroughly obscured, eases us into the fading sunlight as Geoff looks on, his tightly delivered low end anchoring the band's unassuming but incomparable sound.

filmed by Derrick Belcham
produced by La Blogotheque, NxNE, SxSW and ASTW
produced for La Blogotheque by Sarah Schutzki

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