Opening titles for the documentary "Vida Sobre Rodas", the first feature film about skateboarding made in Brazil. Produced by Goma Filmes, directed by Daniel Baccaro, and distributed by Buena Vista Internacional. The film follows the trajectory of the last decades of skateboarding in Brazil, its breakneck growth and technical development through the eyes of all who participated in this revolution. The film also includes stories of four of the biggest idols in the sport today: Bob Burnquist, Sandro Dias, Lincoln Ueda and Cristiano Mateus.
Testimonials and pictures of skaters, journalists and businessmen form a mosaic that depicts the obstacles overcome by the skate, one of the most popular sports in Brazil.

Opening Titles Credits

Production Company - Goma Filmes / Lobo
Film Director - Daniel Baccaro
Creative Direction - Daniel Baccaro, Daniel Pommella e Mateus de Paula Santos
Art Direction - Daniel Pommella e Mateus de Paula Santos
Animation Direction and Design - Daniel Pommella
Music - Daniel Ganjaman e Mauricio Takara
Executive Producer - Jean Paulo Lasmar

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