Alex is starving. Our walk along the drag is scored by his mad hunger-ramblings. Pulled from a morning of performances where he occupies the stage with serene confidence, he is cheerful and open despite his discomforts. He is a modern artifact: a greaser with the sincerity of the 50s, an existential balladeer tempered by the alternating doom and paradise of Vancouver weather.

We take comfort in each others' Canadian addresses on the way to a remote university corridor, an abandoned walk with patches of sun casting alternating patterns of darkness and light.

We move on to a house of worship behind an artifact from another singer's journey. Fittingly, a cigarette has been added to its mouth.

filmed by Derrick Belcham
produced by La Blogotheque, NxNE, SxSW and ASTW
produced for La Blogotheque by Sarah Schutzki

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