Walking through some ideas and concepts for building a Marble Color Sorter.
Attention : For those of you who struggle to get correct results with recent versions :
Turn off Linear Workflow in your Project Settings !!

Mograph :
- Using Mograph's Internal Color system instead of Materials to control the Colors of clones.
- Using a Gradient in the Mograph Shader Effector to handpick specific Colors and control the random distribution.
- Setting up User Data for easy access

Xpresso :
- Iterating through the clones
- Using the Motion Graphics Data Node to read the Color of each separate clone
- Using the COFFEE node for multiple simple "if statements" (if the color of a clone equals a specific color then trigger an event)
- Using the Dynamics Body State node to execute a dynamic event (trigger Angular Velocity)

End Result : The randomly assigned color of a marble controls into which direction it rolls.
The concepts presented in this screencast can be used for a wide range of applications.

To anybody curious enough for watching this :
There's no audio, so feel free to ask any questions if something's not clear.
I'll be happy to try and help you out.

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