almost done


check out part 2 the big rip off! vimeo.com/71071390
The Goal is simple. I've been modeling turtles in CGI since 1999. Now it's time to take it to the next level. One Person, One episode, One huge tribute. Re-creating a classic turtles show in CGI in celebration of Nick's new turtle series. can I get it done before 9.29? Time will tell!
One year, 2 months. that's how long it took one person to re-create 22 minutes of animation in CGI. granted, i spent more time on the last ten minutes trying to make it look decent than the first..but that was just to speed the project along a bit. NOW only the credits remain, and it will be time to go back and fix what is wrong...
It's not Shakespear, but it's better than most people can do on their own :).

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