Shark Diver - Eli Martinez
Video by Armando Gasse
Filmed in the Bahamas, February 2011
I made this video to showcase my work with tiger sharks and lemon sharks. Two species that I have spent countless hours diving with and interacting with. These sharks are amazing animals, and I love and respect them. This video contains footage that shows me interacting with these sharks in one on one moments. Despite this looking easy and relaxed, it is only because I have been working with these same sharks for years, so I know them well. The tiger shark is a shark named Hook, and the lemon is a shark I named Taxi. The relationship is based on trust and respect, and I never forget that these are wild sharks, so I never get too comfortable. I always remember where I am, and what I am doing. So please watch this video as I hope it shows these amazing animals as they really are...beautiful, and intelligent, and amazing animals. Thank you for watching.
video not for profit/educational

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