WC Moore has moved back to his hometown of Covington, Georgia to reconcile with his estranged family. Covington is a small town in the Deep South where conservative values and tea party politics dominate the cultural standard. It is from the legacy of Jim Crow and the Civil Rights struggle that Sandpiper formulated his sense of justice.

Prior to moving back to Georgia, Sandpiper lived in San Francisco, where its liberal political atmosphere was a great haven for him. WC worked his way up the radio disc jockey ladder at a major top 40 music radio station but with the corporate take over and consolidation of the airwaves, Sandpiper moved into the world of low power FM otherwise known as "pirate radio", a format which gave him greater freedom to espouse his political truths.

During a night of Astronomical sky watching WC began to see strange lights in the night sky: unidentified flying objects that he believed were not of earthly origin. This was the inception of his deep commitment to uncovering the truths he believes the government is hiding from the public. Pirate radio became the bully pull pit for his issues from the Moon landing Hoax to the government’s complicity in the events of the 911 attacks.

Sandpiper has now taken his message back home where he is criticized by his family, friends and often accused of treason for his beliefs. The film will bear witness to his efforts to inform his fellow man.

Undaunted but dispirited, he returns to the West Coast to reconnect with a more open minded community there and re-team with the original cast of broadcasters who are the founders of the micro-radio movement and the battle against corporate and government control. These encounters energize him to plan a cross country tour where he will go to famous conspiracy theorist’s sites to uncover truth, while blogging and podcasting his discoveries. This journey will include stops at Conspiracy Con where he will share his message with like-minded people. As he embarks on his journeys, and shares his teachings, he comes to terms with his own life and why he shoulders this burden and takes this lonely path.

Join the roadtrip online at thetruthdepot.wordpress.comoving truth

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