The resident wild otters at SBWR were out for some breakfast and made their way over to Sungei Billabong Buloh (dunno how Singapore got a 'billabong') which separates Pulau Buloh from the rest of SBWR.

Platforms 1 and 2 are good vantage points to see the otters in action.

It was a low tide morning and all the fish were concentrated in a much shallower column of water. Schooling fish are already naturally jumpy and are more so when being chased by predatory mouths.

The otters dived repeatedly looking for their prized fish species.... catfish. They did not seem very interested in the other fish schooling in the upper part of the water column but they seemed to dive to the bottom most of the time with their long tails occasionally showing above the water.

Soon enough, a catfish was found and the otter went about holding it with its hands whilst munching into the tail. Perhaps the otters bite into the tail first to disable the fish in case the fish does try to get away. However, it seems that the otters prefer mainly the tail region and any innards which can be pulled out from the rear of fish. This has been observed on other occasions.

Strangely, despite there being a good meaty portion of freshly caught catfish left, the otters frequently abandon the fish and move on to look for other fish. They seem to do this over and over and can catch and 'tail' up to 2 or 3 catfish in an equivalent number of hours leaving easy leftovers for anything else that may come by (like the numerous monitor lizards which also inhabit the reserve).

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