Earnest Endeavours is a creative collective born out of London, but flanked by a tight-knit family in NYC, LA and other international cities. At its core it is an art-led record label that produces magazines and throws parties curated by Terence Teh, Tom McCarthy and Alex Stevenson.

Spend 25hrs with them as they navigate the streets of London. Terence, Tom and Alex know their city—breakfast in Dalston, soaking up some art, checking out some rare vinyl and finishing off with a monster steak. This is London.

Check it on the Unlike website: london.unlike.net/twenty_five_hours/100166-Earnest-Endeavours

Directed by Shane McNamara | Produced by Carlos Carneiro

video by londonsessions.co.uk | for prote.in © 2011
follow us on instagram.com/londonsessions | facebook.com/londonsessions

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