bastard sons of dialup is the 1st and as of now the only open source

iptv show around Instead of having host like most other shows we

have our viewers submit videos along side the creators of the

show We do tech how to videos mostly geared toward the hacking

and modding community by hacking we don't mean the script kiddy

crap you find all over the net we mean the modification of a

item or system to make it fit the personal needs of the user. In

the beginning credits of each show we have a index listed which

shows all segments on that show and where they are located on the

video so you can skip to the segment you want to watch. If you

like the segments and want to comment or have questions or would

like to submit a segment we run a irc network

and our web site is We hope you enjoy the show

and look forward to future segments coming from you the viewers

# Gameboy (classic) homebrew
# Playing Games without CDs Part 2
# Xbox Softmod Resore CD
# Intro to Radio Scanners
# Windows Vista Preview
# Benefits of an Xbox hardmod

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