Learn more about Janet Mock and her story: janetmock.com/

Janet Mock, a writer living in New York, steps forward as a transgender woman, telling her story of transitioning as a high school student in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Despite her difference, she transcended the teasing and taunting to be awarded her school's only academic scholarship and went on to become an editor in New York City.

Janet shares her story as part of the It Gets Better Project to urge trans*, gender-nonconforming and LGBTQ youth to ask for help, dream big, be certain in who they are, and most importantly realize that four years of high school is not their entire lives.

"You can become your dream," Janet urges. "I promise that it gets better. I can say this because I am you."

This video was directed and produced by Janet's boyfriend Aaron Tredwell.

Learn more about Janet Mock, her upcoming memoir Fish Food and read her blog at janetmock.com

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