Note: Responsible for all Rough and Final Cameras for all reel footage, with the exception to ALL FINAL HALO 4 footage which was shot by 343 Industries.

3D Layout Artist, Cinematic Artist/3D Story/Previsualization, experienced in both feature, television and games. Versatile in translating from Storyboards to 3D Layout or directly from script-to-screen, using custom or standard software.

Confident and experienced in the following: Cinematography, 3D Previsualization (Previs), 3D Story, 3D Layout Rough/Final, Character Blocking/Staging, Rough Animation, Camera Animation, Lense Choices, Shooting, Editing, Composition, Screen Direction, Continuity, Set Dressing, Temp Modeling, Temp Lighting.

Scene Development & Camera Work

1. Staging Layout: Staged/blocked camera layout, characters and assets in a scene. Rough layout cameras placed from boards or directly from script.

2. Timing: Established overall layout performance and timing.

3. Rough Layout Animation: Completed rough layout animation and then locked it down to the scratch-track. Since we finalize our vehicle animation, we often use motion paths to get the quickest and smoothest results.

4. Camera Layout/Placement: Once the blocking has been approved and refined, cameras are placed throughout the scene as if for a live action shoot.

5. Extra Footage: We often shoot coverage in layout of a conversation, or insert entrance and exit points should the director need them in editorial.

6. Camera Layout Choices: As shot choices are made, camera movements, lens-choice and specialty shots are developed.

7. Shooting: Once these shots work sequentially, they are shoot/recorded. Then it' time to develop a rough edit of the layout to pitch to the director.

8. Polishing: Finalize the shots, cleaning up any layout/blocking, animation, timing or strengthening poses to help clarify the story.

Roar! (From "Cloverfield") by Michael Giacchino © Music By Michael Giacchino
© 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. and/or its affiliated and related entities. All rights reserved.
Halo 4 © Microsoft Corporation 343 Industries All assets are property of Microsoft/343 Industries.
Bungie Test © Bungie, All assets are property of Bungie.
Barnyard/Back at the Barnyard © Nickelodeon, All assets are property of Nickelodeon.

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