Preview of Helskanki [Live], solo live electronic dance music show using no pre-recorded sound or backing tracks (except one shot samples), Everything is triggered live on stage or played in an improvised way.

Apologies for the terrible audio, its direct from the camera and the mix is distorting since the PA is quite loud. I was planning to record this set with my Zoom H4n, but that went out the window when i realized i was booked to play on the DJ stage and had to take on the responsibilities of a rodie before the show.

This set was my first public performance after around a year of development.
I think the technical hurdles took the most time. This show was done without a backup system too and i was mixing myself as seen in the vid.

Its been a year exactly since this show.
Development of THE RIG 2.0 is going well and should be complete upon my arrival in Europe (February 2012). I will start posting more videos on vimeo of my development with the new show.

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