This is the opening sequence of an twenty two minutes animatic for "Cosmo", an episodic TV show project created by Charlie Bean for CN development studio Europe. This was made in early 2009, as a test to show how the series could look like. I was in charge of recruiting a small team, supervising the sequence, animate it and do most of the compositing. It took around ten weeks to make, including four for animation.
See some of my development art here:

Created, written and Directed by Charlie Bean
Storyboards - Charlie Bean
Sequence supervisor - Sylvain Marc
Layouts - Sylvain Marc
3D Animation - Sylvain Marc
2D Animation - Sylvain Marc, Rikke Asjborn
Art Direction & designs - Charlie Bean, Alberto Mielgo, Alan Kerswell, Steve Small, Sylvain Marc, Dave Needham, Chris Garbutt, Chris Reccardi
Color keys - Celine Desrumaux
CGI supervisor - John Martin
Character modelling, rigging, texturing&shading - John Martin
Modelling & texturing - John Martin, Chris Radcliff
Lighting & rendering - Celine desrumaux, John Martin, Marion Nové-Josserand
Compositing - Sylvain Marc, Stephane Coedel, Celine Desrumaux
Editing - Charlie Bean, Sylvain Marc
Voice Talent -Justin Stein as Cosmo, Tom Kinney, Chris Reccardi.
Music - Andrew Hewitt, Jake Berkovichi
SFX and Final Mix - Angel sound
Production - Angelica Jung-Woo, Joy Whilby
Exec Producers - Suzanne Berman, Daniel Lennard

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