update : This stereo3D program is now available on youtube S3D system. You can choose any method that is suitable to you, including any color pair of anaglyph glasses :

Another bunch of timelapses... but this time all stereoscopic!

Basically, these shots are our first stereo experience, and have been made for us to learn. We had to ingest a lot of new things, tweak our gear for dual timelapse shooting, and wasted more time in post than ever! We are of course still learning, and mistakes are our best friends.

This page provides the side by side version, for those lucky people owning a stereo 3D TV.
There are a few softwares that can realtime transform side by side to anaglyph, but result may greatly vary. Best piece seems to be Bino, totally free and available for mac, windows and linux : bino.nongnu.org/

Feel free to comment, or ask any question.

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