In December 2008 W+K TOKYO marked its 10-year anniversary in Japan with an exhibition at the Ginza Graphic Gallery (GGG), entitled "OYKOT : WIEDEN+KENNEDY TOKYO : 10 YEARS OF FUSION".

The exhibition celebrated W+K Tokyo's hybrid Japanese + Western culture and approach to the creative process, which continually challenges traditional notions of advertising.

This is a video installation that depicts an ever-changing hybrid face constructed using the facial parts of W+K Tokyo employees. The video also loops every 11 minutes giving the viewers the impression that there is no beginning or ending, only a constantly changing form.

The exhibition also featured a compilation of our creative work over the last 10 years projected via a panoramic 5-screen video projection in a tatami room, and a graphic wall which was painted every week by Tokyo artists for the duration of the exhibition.

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