Most of this footage has a date with destiny in the trash can, but I figured I would throw together a little montage to share my timelapse tests and the cutest baby in the world before hitting the delete button (EDIT: By trash/delete I'm referring to Prores files, proxies etc. will keep .R3D's for the stock library.) I had never shot timelapse of things like cars and people before so I spent a few nights experimenting, as two projects, To Our Bright White Hearts (feature film) and A Hitch Hikers Guide to the World (TV Pilot) will both have me shooting timelapses so needed to figure out what the hell I was doing before embarking on those adventures.

At the end of the day Red and Lomo's are NOT conducive to night timelapse shooting. Having to shoot at a T4 and not wanting to push higher than 1280 ISO had me cranking open the shutter in instances where I would have prefered to keep it lower but needed the stop. Also wished I could go the other way and push exposure times to 1 second etc. but it's not an option on the RED.

Will be shooting timelapses on my Canon DSLR's from now on, which was my plan all along for Hitchhikers Guide, Ayz Waraich wanted me to try the Lomo/Red combo for BWHearts though as we prefer to keep lenses we shot the film on for the title sequence. An opening credit sequence has since been cut from the film, making these tests no more than a great learning experience :)

Plan on testing the Lomo's with a 5D MKii when we get to LA.

Red-MX 4K Ana ~ Lomo Anamorphic Lenses ~ T4 ~ RC36
Various shutter/interval combinations

Music: Philip Glass - Resource

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