Our 152B class project, from spring 08. A rube-goldberg voting machine where each component represents an idiosyncrasy of the American voting system. Represents almost 20 students...and it works all the way through!

More details:
The guideline was that a "vote" must be passed from each person's component to the next. Additionally, each component in the voting machine represents a viewpoint on the American political system and/or aspect of the voting process. With our machine, people could vote between two made-up candidates from two made-up parties, Richard Cantor from Redesigning Humans and Samuel White from Dreamers of Decadence. (The two candidates where actually represented by the same actor.) Also, people could vote by their own choice or press a big red button to let the machine vote randomly for them.

Project links:
[voting machine project website]

[voting machine on Flickr]

[voting machine's original live Twitter feed]

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