special thanks to servando, christian, benjamin, sven, tim and all the b-seite team!

live audio visual performance, programmed on pure data

video aude francois
sound and programming servando barreiro
accordion christian sonntag

Shadow collage is an audiovisual performance completely generated in real time, developed by Aude François, video artist, Servando Barriero musician and programmer and Christian Sonntag, accordion player.
On a glass surface, covered with semi transparent paper, a webcam captures the video feedback, of series of illustrations manipulated, animated and sychronized to the sounds of the accordion (via a pure data patch). The instrument passes into audio filters, transforming the textures, combined with various atmosferes of field recording.
This performance transports the viewer in a visual game, a flotting narration where figures, forms and textures experience an aesthetic metamorphosis.The piece articulates a corpus of differents illustrations extracted from children's books, recomposed as animated paterns and forms.
During 30 minutes the trio composes a video and sound performance generated in real time, combining acoustic and experimental atmosfere, searching to blur the reality of those pieces of paper strapped out of a book.
The interaction between the moving images and the sounds is processed via a synesthesia, analyzing the influence of the music on a real time feedback live video content.
The illustrations turn into shadows articulated in a floatting story, abstracted from its original context, transforming the prints into mooving images and paterns, leaving the maniplulation process visible to the viewer.

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