DESORDANCES_3 - Dani Pannullo Dancetheatre Co.

In May 2006, the Dani Pannullo Dancetheatre Company was invited to take part in the International Festival of Contemporary Dance at Cairo Opera House. During this event, Pannullo met and started a relationship with a group of Egyptian b-boys and young whirling Dervishes. The “B2D (Break to Dervish) Madrid-Cairo Project” was born.

After this initiation journey, Dani Panullo returned in various occasions to Cairo, in order to extend his knowledge of the Sufi culture, and to extract, from Cairo suburbs, the essence of what he wants to communicate in his new show: “Desordances 3”.

Dervishes, Egyptian and Spanish b-boys join their talents in “Desordances 3”, using different aspects of the urban culture as a bridge between civilizations and as language common to the youth of both sides of the Mediterranean Sea.

Dani Pannullo, who is well known for his dedication to the diffusion of urban culture in Spain, now feels the necessity of going further, using contemporary creation as a common language between young people from different countries and cultures. “Desordances_3” proves that, regardless of religion, language or nationality, factors that unite us are more numerous than those that separate us.


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