after meeting trevor immelman in orlando it was very obvious to us from the beginning that both golf and family are his passion. having had fellow south african golfer gary player as a friend and mentor from a young age, trevor has always had the mentality that 'you can win if you start believing in yourself'. this felt like such a strong starting point for the basis of his film.

we only had a few hours to get our shots right, but with the weather being on our side, and trevor's patience and fun personality the team had a stress-free shoot that was more fun than work. our day had a turn for the 'cute' when trevors son, jake, joined us on set … not only did he melt the hearts of all the ladies, he wowed everyone with his swings … strong arms for such a small boy. it was clear to us that he takes after his dad and that trevor has passed down his mindset that we should all 'find a passion .. and dream those dreams'.

- quenners

featured tool // smallHD DP6

ever since adding the smallHD monitors to our kit, we have been more efficient and able to tackle more complex shots than before. it is awesome having such a small and well designed monitor that offers such awesome features like peaking and 1:1 pixel mapping while recording - which means you no longer need to stop rolling to zoom in and check focus. the screen is bright, colors accurate (with a little tuning), and the size is perfect to work with a DSLR on a crane, slider, helmet cam, or even a monopod. we were initially quite resistant to monitors as it made our camera bigger and meant more things to bring and setup, but after trying it on these shoot - which are a blend of event and commercial - they are definitely sticking around.


client: Callaway Golf
agency: Eleven Inc.
director: rob bagot
producer: jeff pakosta
art director: tatjana green
DP: P.
editor: quenna

cinematographers: joyce tsang, ray tsang, tony edgar
audio: jeff cannon, jerry rose
gaffer: tony edgar
special thanks to quenna gregorio, amnada kwok, sarah sakamoto, ed ballart and christina santa cruz for helping out.

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