Our world is a place where practicing any religion is accepted. What was it like before our time? Could people understand the beliefs of other people? The Spanish and the Aztec people had different religions and that ended in a savage war killing an entire civilization. These two people collided and created a war against the other, resulting in many lives lost. This happened due to the different lives these people lived. These two nations fought and murdered people because of their different beliefs.
The base of this image is a picture of Cortes, the leader of the Conquistadors in their plan to take over the Aztec Empire, and of Moctezuma II, the Emperor of the Aztec Empire, first meeting. It shows the difference of the two people and you can see the contrast between these two nations. The Spanish look as if they seemed more civilized, while the Aztecs look uncouth. When these two people first met, the Conquistadors tried to befriend the Aztecs, but the Aztecs did not comply. War broke out, and many people died a cold, bloody death.
The Spanish worshiped the God Jesus Christ. Many of the Spanish’s motives and intentions were based on their Lord. Cortes wanted to spread the word of Christ, and when he went to the Aztecs, he attempted to teach them about his Lord, but they would not listen. The Aztecs believed in the God Huitzilopochtli. These people believed that all of their actions should be what their God would want them to do. When the Aztecs were moving and migrating to another land, they were looking for a sign. They followed orders from their god Huitzilopochtli who spoke to the priests. After listening to the God, they found their new land where they lived. These two religions are on different ends of the spectrum. They are different and can show how the people would act and worship their Gods.
Seen on Cortes’s side is a steel sword. The sword is kept away at his side and is not being used to threaten the Aztec people. The Spanish lived in a place in Europe where they were very fortunate because many resources were given to them. They had great weapons and always seemed to have enough food to support all people. One of their greatest weapons was the steel sword that was constantly seen in Spanish combat. But when Cortes met Moctezuma, it is put away and placed at his side. This was to show the Aztecs that they should not feel threatened or intimidated. This was because the Conquistadors believed that they should not kill just anyone, and not waste lives. They worshiped Jesus Christ and believed that he would not want them to be killing people. The Spanish would base their daily lives on their God.
The Aztecs also based their daily lives on their Gods, just like the Spanish did. One of the most common ways Aztecs worshiped their God was through human sacrifice. They believed that one of their Gods sacrificed themself and became the sun. When the God was in the sky, the God would not be able to move across the sky, so other Gods would sacrifice themselves too, just like the sun God, and assisted in moving the sun across the sky. By giving the Gods human blood, the most precious thing in the Aztec world, the universe would be kept in balance and the sun would rise each day. The Aztecs would give up the lives in the belief that their Gods need it to survive.
Gold. This is what the Spanish wanted. They thought that the more money and gold they had, the more power their country would hold. When the Conquistadors went to the Aztecs, they got the Aztecs to give them a room full of gold and many riches. This was a great motivation that the Spanish used when they were conquering the world. Cortes thought that if he were able to get a great abundance of money and gold, the King of Spain would appreciate him and allow him to live a life of ease when he returns to Spain. Many other European countries, along with Spain, would feel as if they had a great need for riches.
The most precious and valued thing to the Aztecs was human blood. It would not be wasted, but instead, it was used to be given to the Gods. The Aztecs would save their most valuable possession and offer it to their Gods in hope that they would not become angry with the people and punish them in some way. The Aztecs thought that great horrors would be brought upon them along with horrible fates if blood was not given as an offering to the Gods. When the Spanish went to the Aztecs, they were astounded at the fact that these people would be giving their blood to their Gods. They attempted to stop this custom, but the Aztecs were not pleased with this.
Because of these different beliefs, a war was created between the Aztecs and the Spanish due to the way they looked at their worlds. Since their lives were so different, it would be hard to come together and live their lives in peace. Different Gods, different motivations, different lifestyles created hatred and created a war between two different societies. But without this unjust war, who knows what would have happened to our civilizations? What would we make of this world today?

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