‘Shake’ Music Video
Release Date: 5.17.11
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Artist: Metal Mother [metalmothermusic.com]
Produced, Directed and Styled by: Tara Tati
Cinematography: Galen Oakes and Nelsen Brazill
Edited by: Nelsen Brazill
Assistant Editor: Galen Oakes

Production and Props: Travis Shotwell
‘Alien’ Makeup by: Icarus [icaruszaure.com]
Other Makeup by: Medina Maitreya
Hair Styling by: Faith Allen

Choreography by: Caitlin Collentine

Production Support: Kathy Jo Staheli, Barrett Rowley, Hannah Deutsch, Cella Costanza, Connor Morrison, Brittany Bunch, Leah Barlow, Cheyanne, Madrone Studios

Actors: Caitlin Collentine, Ariana Juarez, Sofia Greenburg, Nina Noel, Anju Abigail, Travis Shotwell

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