Update: Emm, from Cheesycam was nice enought to mention this build in his blog today. See it at:


I saw another DIY video like this on Cheesycam and thought to give it a try. I bought this suction cup from Amazon for its articulating arms for curved surfaces such as hoods, doors, and windows and windshields. I just used a 3/8 drill bit and drilled it right down the middle of the handle.



I could have used a polarizer to see into the car better, but its just a quck test, so next time maybe.

Anyway, for about $80 total I'd rate this as a success as the $6 suction cup I had before just wasn't going to do it. The Cheesycam test I saw didn't have a safety strap backup, or at least I couldn't see one. I added that just incase of the unthinkable of my GH2 bouncing off the highway at 50mph. Yikes, what a thought. The suction on there is very powerful indeed but a backup plan doesn't hurt.

I'm not sure I'd lilke to go much faster than 50mph , though I'm sure it would hold...just started getting the creeps as I got up there in speed. I'm sure Hollywood could afford to trash a GH2 for a B-cam shot they had to have, but I can't as a hobbyist.


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