Choreographer Ingun Bjørnsgaard has loosely based her work Sjøen (The Sea) on Henrik Ibsen´s world famous Fruen fra havet (The Lady from the Sea (1888)). Ibsen´s text revolves around the theme of one of the first modern women “ a woman who in the crossfire between conventions and a burgeoning independence is ensnared by drives that are simultaneously dangerous, repulsive and alluring. There are basic themes here, which also characterize Bjørnsgaard´s expression: boredom, yearning, the need to disappear, obscenity and superficial anxiety. In terms of genre, points of intersection between the universes of Ibsen and Bjørnsgaard can also be found: indiscernible transitions between tragedy and comedy, and an extensive use of mirror- and shadow formations as compositional parameters.
In Sjøen the subjective yearning for freedom is implemented in a current context: a time in which the self is perceived as a stream of many possible identities. What type of freedom is possible in a world where ambivalence reigns and self-contempt resides next door to selfaggrandization?
Bjørnsgaard´s characters often struggle with the sense of being both attractive and unworthy “ simultaneously“ and are therefore seemingly relinquished to a game with unclear rules of play.
In the works of Bjørnsgaard human beings appear most beautiful and most human when they fail.

Ingun Bjørnsgaard

Mattias Ekholm, Halldís Ólafsdóttir,
Erik Rulin, Lone Torvik and Ida Wigdel

Biosphere / Geir Jenssen
Original score: Schönberg transformed

Music: Arnold Schönberg Exerpts from Fünf Orchesterstücke op.16 and Three piano pieces op. 11

Thomas Björk
Stage design, video and costumes
Hans Skogen
Light design
Morten Pettersen
Sound design

Kai Johnsen Dramatic adviser
Lillian Baur Costume assistant
Kirre Arneberg General manager

Duration: 60 minutes
Produced by Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt.
Supported by Arts Council Norway

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