This video was a promo video for the company "Media Posse", located in San Francisco, CA, which I did, while at my internship there.

Shot on a Panasonic TM700 and a Canon 500D with an 18-55mm lens.

Director: Jesper Vicencio Gün
Producers: Boje Hansen, Brian Jørgensen, Trine Rasmussen, Kristjan Sævald & Jesper Vicencio Gün
Cam Ops: Kristjan Sævald, Boje Hansen, Brian Jørgensen, Trine Rasmussen & Jesper Vicenio Gün
3d and motion graphics: Brian Jørgensen & Christian Dinnsen
Sound Engineer: Jesper Vicencio Gün
Editor: Jesper Vicencio Gün
Music: Newgrounds

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