This song is a story of a Reverend who was sent to find the ‘most beautiful spot on Vancouver Island” to build a church. After searching through the ocean breezes and among miles of tall evergreens he settled on a spot around which a popular island village has now grown. We re-traced his steps in an attempt to understand his mission which the narrative of the song winds through. This song is part history and part folktale in the setting of the beauty of Vancouver Island.

We decided to make this a 1-day project and woke up at 6:15am on Wednesday May 11, mostly because this is Colin McTaggart’s day off and we needed his humor for what turned into a 5 hour trip up. We felt somewhat hypocritical in driving 10 hours in one day because we planned to put the video in a CRD contest about sustainability - but Graeme Davies hopped in and we offset our carbon emissions by carpooling. I was really excited for even the trip up as I felt it was our way of re-tracing the Reverends’ steps and reliving his mission in a very condensed way.

Bev, the beautiful lady who creates the nostalgia of the past in the intro, was kind enough to come over from her little green house located directly behind the church to tell us of some memories and history of the building and her part in the community. We had to visit her at the end of the day as well in an attempt to find Dave’s misplaced lens cap.

Originally part of this story and song involved a building called ‘The Shore’ which is directly across the street from St. Columba’s. The Shore was built 3 years ago and inhibits any view of the Inlet from the Church. Some of the townsfolk delicately protested that because St. Columba’s was built on ‘the beautiful spot on the island’ this 5-story retail and residential building of concrete should be limited to 4 stories. I felt this a little bit of the sad part of our progress and a bit of the loss of as Bev puts it, “the history of time gone past.”

Please share this and big thanks to Cathy Thicke, Rev. Joan Scandredth and Innovate Imageworks.

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