I rescued this bird after it was attached by a hawk. I felt so heroic. Until I found out it's a crow. But after three days, I’m invested to him and he can stay here until he can fly back into the wild.

Name's Bennett and he has been here since Sunday, May 15, 2011. Placed calls to Police, a rep from the National Audubon Society, a reporter and the Lindsey Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek.

Only heard back from the Audubon rep. I am following his suggestions. I guess the other three are busy right now or crows are not cool.

He's being fed with Beech Nut's Turkey with Turkey Broth along with some Nestlé’s Spring Water. He loves it.

Well, I think he's a he. Turns out that the only sure way to tell is with a DNA test.

We placed a heating pad under one-half of the container. So, if he when get to warm, he’ll wander over to the other side.

Bennett appears healthy, so let’s see what all of this turns into.

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