A six day motorcycle trip across Canada and the US. September 24, 2007.

Uploaded by ChristopherEDouglass on May 12, 2008

SpacedTime - Nice vid. Looked like a great trip. Ive wanted to go see Maine for a long time. Im in UK so it might be a while, but I will make it there on a bike one day.
Nice camerawork too. Not like my wavy hands and overuse of zoom.

JamieoftheNorth - You really have a great eye for framing shots! And incredibly well edited to boot! I really, really enjoyed watching this. You da man! See you soon, bud.

Dick Jones - amainesailor -

Thanks for the link. This is terrific. Best wishes for your next adventure.
By the way, I also own a KLR 650, but it's not for sale.

NuG919 - kickass video!is that a cb 750?ive been thinking about gettin a bike,but probably an enduro

ChristopherEDouglass - Close. It's a cb550. A 77 with 29k on it. Had about 22 when I left Maine. Enduros are the way to go. I'm thinking about a Kawasaki KLR650 for my next bike.

Leaving in a few weeks on a 4 month hike. After that I'd like to try another bike trek. Maybe from Denver to South America. I'll film it if I pull it off!


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