Decided to take advantage of the wonderful spring whether I have been experiencing and shoot the thriving garden in my backyard.
To be clear it's not my backyard, but rather the backyard to the house in which I reside. I think I can still take a certain pride in the part that I have played to make it what it is. What was my role might you ask. Nothing. I have done nothing for them, that is my part.
Well I hope you enjoy my garden which I did a great job of doing nothing, to make it what it is today. Oh and the weather, yes the weather. It has played the biggest role, making this wonderful garden footage possible. Because as we all know everyone is in such short supply of them these days. Flower videos that is, just to be clear.

Sorry, and enjoy... er

It's just a Little test of lpowells new 100mbps 24p hack.

I did some basic color correction in Final Cut Pro(3 way CC, speed increase, smoothcam, cropping) nothing fancy.

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