When Garth Brooks “retired” he said, “I have asked my wife to be father and mother long enough. It’s time for me to accept my responsibilities and accept the true rewards that come with being a father.” Specifically, he talked about attending his daughter Taylor’s soccer game, saying, “I realized that in that one game I had more fun than in all ten years of touring.” This song is about those precious and fleeting moments. Like Garth Brooks, Gord Bamford is a man with a significant gift – daughters.

In a time when many artists are content to slap a cowboy hat on their heads and rhyme about General Motors or Ford products, Gord is a throwback to the days of people who sang and wrote songs as a part of their lives. This song is close to his heart and as such, it was important to allow his easygoing, approachable charisma to be prominent in every intimate frame as he shares with us his gift and his humanity.

Executive Producer: CMT Canada
Production Company: Crowsnest Films
Writer, Producer, Director: John Kerr
Director of Photography: Courtenay Forster, C4 Film
Editor, Colourist: Jeff August, JUMP Studios

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