I have now finished a project that I had wanted to pursue for about 8 years. I was inspired by a French film that I watched at the Banff Mountain Film Festival years ago. It had amazing cinematography and some very inspiring climbing and ski mountaineering.

At first I had a couple of different ideas for a film but I narrowed the list down and then finally decided. My film is about ice climbing on glaciers off-shooting from the Juneau Icefield. The area has been my backyard for years and now I have finally taken action and invested my time and money into shooting a video featuring one of the most viewed glaciers in the world. This glacier and many others in the area are rapidly receding and chances are I will see some dramatic changes in my lifetime. As I explore and constantly find new things while I climb and film, I remind myself how fortunate I am to be able to experience these things.

My goal for this film is to show everyone places in time that won’t be there forever. It is an opportunity that I want to take to not only explore but to capture on film these beautiful places that are constantly evolving and melting away. Over the years I have seen amazing ice caves that are formed and then rapidly melt. I have learned that when you go out there and find something beautiful, it won’t last forever. I feel very privileged to be able to take advantage of what I have such great access to. As I watch the glaciers melt and recede, it is also a good reminder of how we need to be careful with our environment because some of these beautiful things that surround us here in Southeast Alaska, won’t last forever.

This to me, is an opportunity of a lifetime.

The name of this film is “Blue Obsession”.

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