After a jaunt down Huntington WV's 4th Ave. alleyway, I discovered that the backdoors of all the business had something in common.. In my attempt to document this discovery, I've ran into people and places I never dreamed I'd see~ and in my hometown, no less.

Some of the pieces you see in this composition will never be seen by 99% of Huntington, WV's population.. For that reason, each work of art shown in this composition should be seen as a one-of-a-kind work of art, and mostly having been done for the love of this form of hip-hop.

Please understand that graffiti is illegal, and therefore should not be imitated without thoroughly weighing the consequences. How cool would it be, however, to have a legal wall in Huntington, so that people practicing what they love wouldn't get in legal trouble. Many times, embracing what is perceived as a nuisance is what it takes to make a curse become a blessing. It takes understanding and the realization that good things aren't always traditional.

Special Thanks:
Eric & James Melvin

Music: 95~ Backdoor Man Flip
Video: eyeBOX Productions

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