Time-lapse animation
6:45 min
Color w/ sound
Dimensions Variable
Two lovers are shot in time-lapse, capturing an unexpectedly sensual drama. Caught somewhere between living and dying, the figures decay rhythmically, until all moisture is gone and their movements subside. The absurdity of fruit peel as a human metaphor brings two realities together: the physicality of the material world meets the equal force of the inner world of desire, emotion, love, intimacy, and death and decay. I Without End, the third chapter in a cycle of five animations, is part of an ongoing experiment in combining the mediums of drawing, magnification of time and space, process and cinema. Each episode is structured around a primal element--earth, air, water, fire, and space. I Without End takes fire as its inspiration, both as a energetic force and an emotional and psychological metaphor.

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