67 Sueños: An Introduction

The Oakland based The "67 Sueños Collective" ("67 Dreams"--- a group, named after the 67% of young people who would not be affected by the dream act) holds monthly encounters or "Encuentros" with undocumented youth from across the Bay Area.

The focus is to build solidarity, and to record their testimonies/stories in hopes to build awareness about the issues they face and to bear witness to their American experience.

"Black and white portraits of undocumented youth dominate our media, our politics and even our movements. On the one hand migrant youth are painted as criminals by a xenophobic right wing hate campaign. In response many counter the narrative by lifting up only the exceptional individual stories of 4.0 students and valedictorians. In Oakland, California migrant youth are refusing to be elbowed out of the conversations about their future by these black and white narratives. They are bursting on to the seen in full color. This project aims to lift these powerful voices to shine a light on the reality of migrant youth. No more angels and demons a new movement is being born."

by Josue Rojas & Ann Bassette

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