From the International 48hour Film Competition, a semi-final version that was one of the top 8 films from around the world to compete with the genre of the end of the world.

This film was produced from script to screen in 48 hours by
by Transvideo Studios

Director: George Kelly
Actors: Michael Wayne Rice, Julianne Palma, Chloe Dos Santos
Producers: Ben Ferrer, Dave Sabin
Writers: Alex Park, Dave Sabin, Shane Scanlon
Editor: Jason Williams, Dave Sabin
Director of Photography: Ben Ferrer
Assistant Director: Gayle Ann Sabin
Art Director and Visual Effects Supervisor: Nate Whitson
Visual Effects: Nate Whitson, Brian Williams
Music: Matt Pinson
Camera Operators: Ben Ferrer, Lamar Cox, Colin Durbin
Production Sound: Colin Durbin
Engineer in Charge: Josef Kryklywec
Script Supervisor: Kelly Reilly-Kent
Production Assistant: Kristin Rivera
Grips: Luis Campero, Colin Durbin, Shane Scanlon
Special Thanks to: Ray Clark, Rico Andrade, Elaine Moran Dos Santos

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