"In 1993 or 1994, a friend handed me Margaret Wheatley's book, Leadership and the New Science.  Although I loved learning about quantum physics, I was at  that time very into W. Edwards Deming and Total Quality Management (TQM).  I handed back the book and said it seemed to have nothing to do with my work (oops!).  In 1998 I was on a trip with my son to San Francisco.  At the wonderful Exploratorium science museum, they had a featured exhibit on "turbulent landscapes" that included many hands-on displays about complex and chaotic forces in nature.  Playing with a large pendulum with a magnet on its tip, and other magnets on the table below it (that could be set to attract or repel the pendulum) I had a literally life-changing moment.  In the wild oscillations of the pendulum, I knew the laws of physics were still working.  But I saw not just pendulums and magnets, but a physical model of how people interact with ideas and with each other.  I was hooked.  Applying ideas from complexity science to the work of dialogue, change, and leadership, has been my core focus for more than ten years.  I am an avid associate of the Plexus Institute, (I-Open Interview: vimeo.com/9339751) which is where I met Valdis Krebs, CEO Orgnet.com (I-Open Interview: vimeo.com/6517978) and June Holley, (I-Open Interview: vimeo.com/5512933) thought leader in Network Weaving."  

Bruce Waltuck earned an M.A. in Complexity, Chaos, and Creativity (yes, really); is President, Freethinc, LLC, an Associate at the Plexus Institute plexusinstitute.org/ a Member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators njapm.org/ and Director, The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open).

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