A special thanks to the girls from Pearl London.

We had a few moments spare so we thought we would do a few tests (in the name of Art). As this test is quite original we would be very pleased if some large company would commission us to make an advert based on our idea, pay us very well, and make our (collective) name. If one of you idealess net slags tries to steal this, we will find you and kill you*, got it?

If you found this film interesting, please take a good look at our other experiments at our website: photography-factory.co.uk where we also will post stills and a detailed technical breakdown, when we have a moment.

In this test we were using a Vision Research Phantom HD slow motion camera shooting to a 120 gig ram stack at 1000frames per second, the lens was a 35mm Carl Zeiss Planar T* wide open. Please forgive the slightly scruffy setup, we wanted to try as many variations as we could in the time we had. Basically it is a technical test of an idea, it was quite tricky to get the effect working, but thanks to a great team effort it is a great success. If you have a bright screen or poor display gamma you might be able to see the texture of the background fabric. Sorry about this but his test is presented with no post work or effects at all, primarily to show how much can be done with a little creativity and a camera. Playback is just 24p and thats it!

If you are inspired by this or any or our videos and would like to get some slow motion viral photography at low cost - please get in contact we are a lot of fun to work with and full to the brim with great ideas. At photography-factory are are very experienced in slow motion, quite reasonable, and make our livings from creative film and photography. Plus we need some money to pay for more tests...
Contact us at shooter@photography-factory.co.uk

*maybe not kill you dead... but shame, tame and legal your saggy ass.

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