The Legislative Theatre is an innovative ruling process using collective intelligence. It was systematized by Augusto Boal in 1993 in Brazil, when he was a legislator in Rio de Janeiro.

During a Legislative Theatre session, the audience can participate. This interactivity allows the people to be involved as actors in the issue which is staged. Thus, they can become “spect-actors” and afterwards suggest new laws.
After Rio de Janeiro, London, Vienna, Munich, Vancouver, Ramallah... The Legislative Theatre was experimented with success in Grasse (France), in 2005. It dealt with the flood issues of the city.
This session was the result of the project initiated by the "Ateliers des écocitoyens"
It took place during the Eco-Forum Festival, on the 10th of December 2005.

The report (French):

A Legislative Theatre project on sustainable water management:

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