What is a playback artist?

Well i had the same question when i first applied for the job. I soon found out that its something we usually see everyday in movies, tv, and video games. We take it for granted but it's definitely noticed if it isn't there.

A playback artist is someone who creates on set graphics and motion graphics. Anything you see on a monitor usually had to be designed and created to function properly ( which is usually controlled by an on set playback tech ). SGU was my first big step into the television industry and im thankful for it everyday, i had so much fun doing what i was doing so i figured i should share what i had involvement in as a playback artist for Stargate Universe.

Everything you are about to see was either created by myself or modified in someway from existing graphics.

The majority of the clips i had used for this montage was from season 2 of SGU.

Special thanks:

- Krist Mclean
- Lisa Nolan
- Mark Savela
- Seth Molson (my playback companion)
- John Carron (on set playback technician)
- Everyone at SGU!
- and of course my family

without these people i wouldn't have been able to share this video with you guys today.

I'd also like to thank Mark Coleran. His work inspired me right off the get go when i was trying to decide if i could pull of working as a playback artist, if you ever watch this Mark then a big thanks to you!

If you have any questions about anything you are about to watch then please feel free to email me at jkohse@gmail.com


Music by: Apparat - "retina"

Justin Kohse


twitter: @jkohse

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